Disable the default Zorin 17 screenshot preview

I want to disable the default zorin 17 screenshot preview thingy.


I'm using flameshot for taking screenshots and the new preview thing keeps asking for permission [ share button ]
plus unlike flameshot it saves all the screenshots to Pictures which i don't want

Personally I prefer Spectacle, but you might want to give Shutter a try which is available in Software. I recently discovered another screen capture application while playing with NiceC0re, HotShots.

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Will check them out, but how do i disable the default screenshot preview thingy, its not of flameshot for sure

I think I simply uninstalled screenshot from Software on Z16.3 when it started misbehaving. Like you I have converted to Flameshot with no issues by comparison.

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In Zorin OS 17, the desktop defaults to Wayland. Gnome, unwilling to deviate from the push to Wayland, was unable to patch gnome-screenshot tool to be compatible with Wayland.
So, they integrated the screenshot tool into the Gnome shell, making the application no longer modular and less applicable to open source access.


I won't make excuses for them.
How to disable/remove default Ubuntu 22.04 screenshot tool - Ask Ubuntu.

In Ubuntu 22.04 and newer, the new Gnome screenshot tool is baked into gnome-shell. It's not a separate package anymore. It cannot be removed separately from gnome-shell, and there is no setting to disable it . If you don't want it, then simply ignore the built-in feature and use your preferred application instead.


Oof , thanks for the info tho !

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