Disabling EXE prompt?

Is there a way to disable the "Are you sure you want to run the exe" prompt in ZorinOS 16?

I'm just double checking, is that with exe files, or txt files? The latter also asked if I wanted to run them as an exe, but I tracked down how to disable that message. If the former, I'm sure someone else can help.

EXE files are Windows executables. For safety and security, Linux wants to make sure you really want to run those EXE files. Since as we all know, most Windows virus's come from EXE files.

Don't stop there, they also come from pdf, browser extensions, cache files and, wait for it, video files [NNOOOO]. You could mention msi files, but we all know windows itself is a virus, so barely worth mentioning. So yes, be sure you want to launch it.

Once launched it shouldn't complain about it again for a while though. I'm glad Linux does reality checks!


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