Disconnecting a wifi network connection

i found a wifi connection to my laptop that i dont recognise, i never set it up and have never used it.

i cant find a way to disable it... can some kind person please advise.

Just so we are clear, are you saying that your notebook is being used as a wi-fi connection or a router is showing up under wifi? Just because you don't use that connection doesn't mean you are connecting to it. If I look at my wifi on smartphone I get at least 4 or 5 networks showing but always connected to my router.

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thank you for replying - i meant this: https://imgur.com/9cSCJdy.png

that BT connection thing is not mine, idk what that "wired connection" thing is neither.

I also have several WiFi connections that aren't mine .... they are other WiFi users in my neighborhood .... as long as you have a very secure password they can't connect to you or you them .... I don't know anyway to delete them from my WiFi list ....

The wired connection is just showing you have never used a wired connection. The BT connection was used a month ago. Did you use your laptop somewhere else then, like maybe a coffee shop or fast food place that had wifi? Your laptop probably has a port where you can plug in an ethernet or LAN cable. That would be your "wired" connection.

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Yeah my laptop always remember some wifi from McDonald's or another open wi-fi. Besides your laptop searching on your area district all wi-fi hardware peripherals. It can be mobile, PlayStation, headphones or neigborhood.


i think maybe the techtronix guy who installed zorin probably did it then - thanks for enlightening me i thought i was hacked

scary how do i know if ive been hacked?
why cant we remove it?
any suggestions?

Now we know why it is there. The engineer probably uses BT ISP himself. They introduced something called BTopenX. This is reliant on BT customers being prepared to share their connection but you have to be a BT customer to access it so I would not worry too much.

This page should help you with permanent removal:


Use the Codes :-

sudo service network-manager restart

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

sudo nmcli networking off

sudo nmcli networking on

sudo ifdown -a && sudo ifup -a

and see if it works.


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