Discord can't access certain folder?

i just installed discord from flathub and tried to send a document but weird things happen, document and music folder did not appear on discord file manager, I don't know why the permissions are the same, the file manager works fine for any other flathub apps

I prefer "Better Discord" package, but either way, it is inadvisable to install and run any application that needs access to the system from Snap or Flatpak.
Snap and Flatpak double sandbox the apps.

There is nothing whatsoever wrong with discord in APT.

sudo apt install discord

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ah okay will try it thanks

umm sorry but discord only available as flathub and snap

fix it by changing the permission with flatseal


It's available as a .deb... I can assure you as I do not ever use Flatpak or Snap and they are uninstalled on my machine.
But I failed to provide the repo.:woozy_face:

You are all fixed up now, though. :grin:

Download Discord to Talk, Chat, and Hang Out go to the Linux card, click the download button and choose .deb.

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