Discord garbage mic

When using discord both in web and discord app my audio has a lot of noise. But it works fine in google meet . I cant even find what is the problem here. How do I fix my mic in discord


I see the browser tab version hasn't some settings that the app has instead, such as noise reduction, audio quality, codec choice and others. Probably you just have to enable or disable some settings or adjust some values, like the Input Sensitivity level for example.

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As @Luca_Pavan says, this maybe generic codec/drivers.
Try this.

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

Also, try different rooms on Discord,,, ( friends maybe playing games ( telling you it sounds bad ,,, but it is perfect))

The OLD , "we can't understand you" :smile:

A trick i use to do,, make another account in Discord( i dont use Discord but assume you can make a second account ( maybe on a different device, mobile )), & enter the same chat room, & listen to your sound when talking...
You may also try recording your voice & listen for issue's.

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Don't know if sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall is needed, Discord app should bring some open source audio drivers (Opus and Krisp for example), then has a test button, too.

After running this command & rebooting my laptop does not shows wifi & Ethernet. Even brightness slider is also missing

Sorry to hear this has happened.
Do you have "systemback" ? If so please run it to restore back to working order.
If not have you run a system backup at some point?
If non of the above, Please tell us you laptop's:
HDD/SSD size:

Again sorry this has happened, this is the first time this has happened to myself, ( so i need to know why.

EDIT: Another approach is to open "Software & Updates" goto the "Additional drivers" TAB , & select the listed driver again select "Revert" & run the update.

Yes they do, their codec allows you quality/duplex,
The only time you will get interference/Squirl type sounds from a voice server is via a bad connection to that server ( dropped packets/Slow internet/etc when connecting).

I assume this maybe a trick being played on the user, Or maybe a faulty mic/mic wire.
My mistake was not asking enough questions,
I am in the naughty corner today :frowning_face:

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Yes also if you have a faulty charging circuit board/Battery.

This can be tested by removing the battery & see if the buzzing goes, then replace battery & remove power cord.

what can i do now ? I can't connect to wifi & ethernet. I tried usb thethering & bluetooh thethering . I do have a live boot usb available . Can i get the drivers from usb ?

Can you look at My post above & give us some more info.

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