Discord Screen Sharing isn't working Properly!

Hello everyone! I'm having trouble sharing my screen on Discord. Whenever I click to share, the authorization window keeps flickering and I can't complete it. Even after authorizing, it reappears. And when I share an application, my camera duplicates. What could it be? It works fine on other platforms. I'm using the Linux app.


Are you using Flatpak(from the software center) or the .deb from the Discord homepage?

As screensharing isn't possible on Wayland have you tried logging in on Zorin Desktop on Xorg?

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Hi, new to Zorin. I'm using the official Deb version from Discord's website and have the same issue. Back when I was on Mint linux, the .deb version worked just fine so not sure why it isn't working here. Given that Zorin and Mint both are based on Ubuntu.

Guys, sorry for the delay in replying! I find out that the problem was the Wayland, i just disabled it and Discord worked!