Discord system load in direct messages section

today I noticed, that discord direct messages section requires a whole load more resources than all the other "normal" channels. If I switch to dm, my cpu (Asus notebook) nearly instantly goes from 36 degrees (C) to wide above 50 degrees.

If I leave dm and go to normal channels, it comes down relatively quick. And the the interesting part is, that this happens in browser (chrome) AND also in the native app of them.

Just curious, any idea WHY that happens (and a way to reduce the system load in dm modus)?


One user suggested:

I mitigated the problem greatly disallowing the H264 codec and disallowing the voice processing options (echo cancelation, noise reduction & automatic gain control)

Another pointed out that removing Voice Changer Software also helps.

Those suggestions may help... but it is an over-all Standing Issue with Electron Applications as a whole. Electron apps tend to be CPU hogs.

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good read @Aravisian thank you for pointing into that direction.

I disabled all the voice stuff and changed some off the vid settings, and...

... it changed the behaviour and need for system resources / power consumption completly (to normal, same as in channels).

So I would mark that question marked as solved because of your kind contribution!

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