Discourse User Tutorials?

Ok, I have looked, searched and still not found any info related to several topics/tutorials listed under Badges. For instance, how to gain a Certification or Licensed badge. Can someone give the path to tutorials or what’s it’s about . . .


This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive new user tutorial.


Completed our advanced user tutorial

For me, the "system" automatically invited me over to the PM thread to go through the tutorial. I think it will happen eventually as you spend more time on this forum and get involved in activities.

Or if you are asking for the general tutorial for this forum system, it is here:

I slightly changed the thread title for clarification.

FrenchPress - I don't see any type of tutorial on this link. It's for managed forum hosting . . . maybe I misunderstood and you have to be invited to use the tutorial?

Yes, exactly.

I just checked my mail box.
The title was:
"Now that you’ve been promoted, it’s time to learn about some advanced features!"

It came after I reached to the Level 2.

I think the Badge descriptions are very misleading. One badge says interactive new user tutorial and the other is advanced user tutorial. Does that not sound like it's for either a new user or advanced user and it's a tutorial? I would change those . . .

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Oh, I even did not notice it.
Thanks for the head up.
I will ask @Aravisian what we might be able to do about it.


Yes, all users are greeted by Discobot when they join the forum.
Reply to Discobot with:

start new user

This will begin the process.
At this point, reply with

@forumbot start tutorial

This should show you the first tutorial that Discobot displayed in the first greeting.

@forumbot start advanced tutorial

This one is interactive and you must hold a conversation with the bot, following the prompts to learn how to use the forum.




Ok, that worked fine. Thanks!


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