Discussing 20 things to do after installing Zorin

I will watch soon and let you know my thoughts.


Some of these are subjective to the user. Personally there are a few I haven't done. Preload is definitely something I'm going to look into doing. I do use the 'nightlite'. Bleachbit however, is something that I won't. That's your call. Have heard many users complain it has damaged their systems. I use 'Stacer'. Chose Brave Browser over Chrome. I also use Firefox, but have never made the changes in video so can't speak to that. Change DNS sounds interesting, will check that out. Ubuntu Restricted Extra, I have done and would recommend. Same goes for Timeshift, which I store onto an external drive in case of hard drive failure or if it gets corrupted to bad. As for the others mentioned, I believe they are all safe to try. Hopefully others in the forum will give you their opinions as well.


I won't be listening to that voice for 20-minutes. But there are always things to do with every fresh install of an OS, don't matter which it is. You all know I've customized both of my distro's, changed themes, installed extensions, its what I do.

But yes, many of these things are going to be subjective, because not every person, is going to have a need, to do all of these things. We've had people come on here before that said they only wanted the total utility of the OS, without all the personalization fluff.

They wanted the total clean MAC like experience. So for folks like that, personalization, thats not going to happen, and those folks are not gonna spend hours on end, to change themes and install extensions, or to completely install and switch to different DE's!

Everybody is not like Aravisian and I, we may like to change themes and tweak our OS's, and find it fun to do so, but not everybody is the same way. Some just want to install and go. And one of the beautiful things about Zorin OS 16, is it allows you to do just that.


Nice video thanks for share...

Like preload, and i didn't know that superkey and number will open apps (favorites).

Thanks for share...every post learn more :slight_smile:


Ya I did a nose dive into YouTube once I started using Linux lol. Keep finding good stuff.


This TLP battery, is good?

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If you would like to learn more, that delicious SUPER key that you and I both love for the same reasons? Did you know the function of the SUPER key can be changed?

Please Click on the Zorin :zorin: logo, and then click settings. Or as you've recently discovered, hit the SUPER key, type settings and go to them. Now navigate to keyboard and shortcuts.

You can change what you want the keys to do, even the SUPER key. I myself, prefer the SUPER key to be as it already is. But just more knowledge to go in your Linux basket of Halloween goodies.


I’m curious, I’m going to try it. Was going to install optimus for the dynamic graphics for the battery but I’ll see what I can get with this. If I can bust it to 5hrs battery I’ll be set (only has a 60wh in there)

So true. Ya right now I like hitting super to search but I have commit issues with my computers and always want to change stuff so down the line might change :wink:

Thanks i check and have a lots of options...need more one hand to all this shortcuts LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

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As a mechanic, I could use 4-hands, it would make things easier. Aravisian will understand this lol.

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I don't use timeshift. Even when I'm still in Windows, I don't use system restore when I encounter a problem. I just try to fixed it with the best I can. If it was already the OS stuff, reformat. :sweat_smile: . I will try the ubuntu extras if in case I needed it for videos I will watch in the future. For now, I will leave it there. I guess I will give Preload I'll try for my Brave browser to load more faster. :thinking: . The tips about battery won't work for users like me who already destroy their battery. :rofl: Using windows software inside linux? Hmmm. Nightlife, gonna look for it. For cleaning my OS, I guess autoremove will do? Or something like that in terminal? I don't like to install more just to clean something up if it can be done in terminal (which linux way)

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Stacer would be better for cleaning the os and easy to recognize graphical representation of system resource usage.


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