Discussing and issues regarding how to install and play games

Warframe. I liked when you choose a colour your skin hero.

If anyone know how playing farmville 2 then some old 70 years old a man also want using a Zorin.
Anyone know how configure wine for games. Installing important libraries etc.

Use lutris

Ooh! Just installed Warframe on the PS4 Pro! Nice.

Yes. I learning on this world example a games how wrote. It depends if they wrote for Radeon or NVIDIA. That why some games working diffrents. Windows for Windows plus Xbox. Sony - PlayStation. Linux Valve. Apple never heard. Many online Steam and Epic online. Remember CD plate. You have a prove you bought - with online they can delete,blocked your IP. Internet is more big trash.

I enjoy playing online games with my kids. For example https://www.topspeed.com/car-games/car-games/drift-hunters-ar181316.html
Anything you'd recommend?

Super Tuxkart has an online feature. :wink:



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