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Discussing How to remove snapd and flatpak … should you wish to

For efficiency, I am running dual monitor mode now. There is no way I could go back to using a single monitor, you know how difficult it is, to use the forum, and watch movies the same time with a single screen?

Yeah, I am not sacrificing my ability to do dual monitor, just cause I may not like POP OS's obsession with using FLATPAK's. I only had one issue with FLATPAK due to sandboxing. The problem was easily resolved, for which I posted a tutorial for as well.

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Well l am not a multitasker and I promised my youngest when I retired they could have my second monitor which initially I only needed for stupid Outlook365 for work until I figured out how to configure my work e-mail myself in Evolution!
That said I did need to use it when I had 2 applications open, namely Okular on the right monitor and BrailleBlaster on the left monitor as I would copy and paste text from a pdf in Okular directly into BrailleBlaster on the left screen. But I only might do the occasional item for that on a voluntary basis.
If I did use 2 monitors I know that I don't have any such issues in respect of flatpaks and snap packages in Devuan! :sunglasses:

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How did you resolve it?


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Is it safe to completely remove flatpak? for now I removed snap xD

Yes, it is, as long as you are not relying on any Flatpak packages.

As you can see ,no :slight_smile:

marko@SoSmooth:~$ flatpak list
Name            Application ID                     Version Branch Installation
ZorinBlue-Dark  org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinBlue-Dark           3.22   system
ZorinBlue-Light org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinBlue-Light          3.22   system
ZorinGreen-Dark org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinGreen-Dark          3.22   system
ZorinGreen-Lig… org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinGreen-Light         3.22   system
ZorinGrey-Dark  org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinGrey-Dark           3.22   system
ZorinGrey-Light org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinGrey-Light          3.22   system
ZorinOrange-Da… org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinOrange-Dark         3.22   system
ZorinOrange-Li… …g.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinOrange-Light         3.22   system
ZorinPurple-Da… org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinPurple-Dark         3.22   system
ZorinPurple-Li… …g.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinPurple-Light         3.22   system
ZorinRed-Dark   org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinRed-Dark            3.22   system
ZorinRed-Light  org.gtk.Gtk3theme.ZorinRed-Light           3.22   system

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