Discussing [HowTo] Get rid of Snap in Zorin

Well, the confession time.
Finally the time came where I had to give in and install SNAP app :frowning:

As far as I know, B1 Free Archiver is the only archiver that can handle CJK fonts without garbling them.

I looked up this app in Software but all I could see were different flavours of SNAP such as stable, beta, testing, etc.

Unfortunately, the deb installer only supports up to Ubuntu 12.04. It is impossible to install in Zorin 16 due to an unmet dependency for libqt4-dbus (>=4:4.7.4).

Apparently, libqt4-core and libqt4-gui packages don't exist any more in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and newer.

I looked at the procedure for installing those packages in the above page and decided not to bother. Even I took all the trouble to install this outdated libqt4 library, it will be only used by B1 Free Archiver and nothing else.

Now I can see some use cases for SNAP.
At any rate, I think this app is small enough to be SNAP (Deb file 12 MB vs SNAP 120 MB).

Hi, seems like ok thread for my question xD
How to install third party apps ( if it is not in the store ) ?
Snap is no go ( will remove it also), but what about flatpak ?

I think that safest way to install app is via :
sudo apt install or I am wrong ?

You could also use Synaptic if you want an interface.

How to install third party apps ( if it is not in the store ) ?

I usually check the app(s) homepage for .deb or PPA.

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I dont need interface :slight_smile: just wanted opinion about flatpak etc.. what is safe and what is not. Dont want to brake my system in next few days :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with only get apps from the default repo, is that you may not get the latest version and there's a trend that app builder only put their apps on flat/snap and ofcause the source to build from scratch. A good idea is to learn to build from source if you don't want to use flat/snap.

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cool..maybe sometimes.. probably it is not easy xD

btw, congrats on promotion :slight_smile: Need to be careful what I am posting here ,hihi

Building from source is often as easy as



sudo make install

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usually the app builder(s) put a build from source guide on the github/homepage so it's not so difficult that it have been.


I install the vast majority of things from the terminal. When I get the .deb package elsewhere (Terminal installs through apt are .deb packages too), then you can double click it to run the installer or install from terminal opened in the same directory that contains the package with sudo dpkg -i (Package-name).deb

Synaptic is very useful at times when you need its power. For example, let's say you install the plasma 5 KDE desktop on Zorin. Then decide you don't like it. Searching Plasma 5 in Synaptic is an excellent way of removing all of the desktop environment you no longer want. sudo apt remove... leaves a lot of that behind.
Synaptic is very useful for searching for and installing Signed Mainline Kernels or removing kernels, too.

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Ah, Thank you....Do you know what guys n girls?
What if the Terminal becomes so smart that i search that term right in Terminal and he give me the code options with expalining...(OT end)

true i am a rookie

Please see here - paying attention to Auto-correct, auto-suggestions and Word-suggestions - addons for terminal.

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What is you have no choice but that two? Example: I don't like using firefox cause it is too heavy on ram but other browser can only be seen in either snap or flatpak (not even a lot of choice but at least good one). This is though for Zorin OS case. Since in other Linux Version I tried (though I got problems) I can see other browsers in Sypnatic Package Manager.

edit: I see. I can install sypnatic... Time to get rid of the snaps and flatpaks... :grinning: