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I'm only new to the Zorin OS community, less than 24 hours, andt I have to say my experience so far with the advice being offered is genuinely refreshing and amazing. This post is a perfect illustration of that.

Ironically, it is about the only one I feel able to offer a contribution. For me, there are 2 key issues to keep in mind when comparing performance differences between OS's and apps:
1. How much RAM does you have in your PC?
2. Do you have a mechanical Hard Drive or an SSD?

Budget and old PC's typically only have 4gb of RAM at best and / or use old mechanical Hard Disk Drives (HDD). My rule of thumb (especially for Windows) is to double the minimum amount of RAM specified.

So, if you only 4gb of RAM, you are likely to be better off trying Zorin OS Core (2gb min) or Lite (512kb) than Windows 10 (4gb min) due to their respective memory usage.

In a similar fashion, if you only have a HDD, but also have USB 3.0 ports, using a portable USB 3.0 SSD as your boot drive is likely to give better performance than the old HDD. (Although getting a SSD installed internal is obviously even better!)


Hello DbJones! I totally agree. I'n these modern times, (2021) computers now come with quad core CPUs as standard. If they are super budget class, they will be a core I3 model, which is usually seen in 13" netbooks.

Bare minimum SPEC is 6GB now. You will find however, your average 15" business machine is going to have Core I5 CPUs with at least 8GB of RAM.

Midrange gaming machines in the 15" size will have 6 core I5 CPUs and at least 16GB of RAM. Their going to have either 1650, 2060, or 3060 graphics.

High end machines like mine in the 17" class are 8-Core I7 CPUs, 32GB to 64GB of RAM. They have either 3070's or 3080's for graphics.

Top of the line, well that's going to be a 12-Core or more I9 CPU, with 64GB to 128GB of RAM, and a 3090 graphics GPU.

Basically, all the machine SPECS I've listed here, will run any Linux OS no matter how resource hungry it is. But it up think your going to run Zorin OS 16 on a dual core with 2GB of RAM, you'll be sadly mistaken about a great many things lol.

Glad you are enjoying your stay. :slightly_smiling_face:


Still the king is Windows 7 how many people using on the world. Windows 10 this is some joke but someone sayed is better from 7.
Now in 2021 Zorin is the king in linux personal user for standard user pc and older PC.

Anyone still using Windows7 today is just asking to get hacked. Your Windows7 machine better be disconnected from the Internet, cause if its not, I bet your getting tons of virus's and hacks and who knows what else. I say this cause Windows7 support dropped like what 3-years ago now?

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Market ok but how many users using W7?

w7 have support next 3 years. I have eset and not using poor websides also fb and uncle google is bigger cancer.

Well then i was in ice age. Good choice with Zorin bought.
I wondering buying 3.5" HDD with some many TB
It gived me out 4 hard disk disconnect. More power or second choice two hard disk one ssd 500GB for operating system and another for data files.

That right there is what I want to know as well. The only reason that I could think of, is Bourne might have some old software made for Windows back in the early 2000's that will probably not work on Windows 10 or 11.

And since Wine, has been known to be note reliable at all for running some Windows programs, that could be why.

I am using both operating systems.
I remember many distros example mint, debian "Jessie" - very good. OpenSuSe - Tumbleeweed. Zorin, Ubuntu, Manjaro,Fedora,Elementary. I know how using linux but all distros are diffrents.
Example my neighbor could using Zorin but the problem he using facebook what working on Zorin and "farmville2". What not working.
In my ages Internet was in nappies.
In Zorin 15.3 app working on desktop.
In Zorin 16 Pro app they can also working on desktop.
I mean mobile app on desktop Zorin OS?

Kodachi linux is safety hard to hacked.

Keeping the tutorials and guides section clean. Moved from [RULES OF THUMB] Will my computer run Zorin OS?

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