Discussing things you must do after installing Zorin 16

All of the above is good advice. A note on these:

0ad is a game that many may enjoy, but users should know it is a game before installing it.:wink:
The app gparted is included in Zorin. VLC (media player) and Gimp (Similar to photoshop) are a matter of user preference in apps.

The rest are good recommendations and TLP and Preload can increase operating speed while reducing battery drain.


Just want to say I like 0ad. Same for BAR (Beyond All Reason). Both are great games.


Please take screenshot of game and post it

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Both or which one?

EDIT: I'll post it tomorrow. Got to get stuff done then sleep. lol

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Friends can you share your own experience. After you guys installed Zorin. What will you do? Either in Laptop or Computer. Don't send the tutorial link.


Personally, these are the things I do after installation:

Change swappiness to 15, enabling firewall, removing firefox and replace with Brave, installing synaptic, removing xfburn, some games and apps I know I will not use, fixing screen tearing, making my desktop theme turn to dark mode and done.

Edit: forgot to mention updating OS. hahaha. but whether you choose or not, it will notify you to update.


I add android compatibility with waydroid when i set up zorin for them :wink:


I take timeshift snapshots. one of a clean install so i can always start fresh, then a couple others after i adjust settings making sure privacy and sharing are off, trash gets autocleaned, turn screen timeout to 15 minutes, profile pic, etc. After that i install apps, do some customization, install some extras like preload, tlp, firefox config adjustments, extensions, unrestricted extras, microsoft fonts, and an optimization profile.

after all that i take a final timeshift snapshot on my desktop and a full backup to a usb since one time i destroyed my os and couldnt even boot in to do a backup. here's pretty much each stage in case i need to revert to any point in time


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