Discussing things you must do after installing Zorin 16

All of the above is good advice. A note on these:

0ad is a game that many may enjoy, but users should know it is a game before installing it.:wink:
The app gparted is included in Zorin. VLC (media player) and Gimp (Similar to photoshop) are a matter of user preference in apps.

The rest are good recommendations and TLP and Preload can increase operating speed while reducing battery drain.


Sir He/she has given a description about Zorin OS I loved it :heart: [Zorin 16, has stunning features, an impressive design, and a whole new world of apps that will transform how you experience your computer. This is not just one of the best desktop Linux distributions but undeniably one of the best desktop operating systems available today. No matter if you are a linux new comer or an experienced Linux user, Zorin 16 will appease you. This system provides one of the best computational experiences out there. So go ahead, soak it in and enjoy it.]

Just want to say I like 0ad. Same for BAR (Beyond All Reason). Both are great games.

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Please take screenshot of game and post it

Both or which one?

EDIT: I'll post it tomorrow. Got to get stuff done then sleep. lol