Discussing Top X+1 things to do after installing Zorin OS 16

Ventoy is exactly what I have been looking for; I just did not know it! I have been wearing out my sticks and this is almost too good to be true. Thank you!!


Ventoy is sorry if like Hiren's boot cd for windows, but instead of including all those awesome tools, you just have to drag a few iso's to the folder in a file browser and your done. It'll bit and offer everything you just added as a choice in alphabetical order. It's like getting a grub menu for iso's. Choose one and it boots.

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I just create a ventoy usb, add all isos to usb drive, but when i boot my laptop want show "grub" from ventoy.

I use windows to do this usb with ventoy, anyone have same issue? Maybe some Bios settings?

Got this when i boot from USB

It looks like the grub was corrupted. Uninstall Ventoy and redownload, then remake your usb. They do offer a hash to check it hasn't been corroded during download.


Moving away from USB flashers.....I think Ferdi....

should be added to the list of X+1 things to do after installing Zorin OS

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The list isn't limited to any one user modifying it or adding to It... Everyone can contribute. Feel free to add recommendations.


I always seem to have a problem with dual-boot Windows showing the wrong time, wheras ZorinOs is spot on. But that is WinXP SP3, so it may just be tired :sleeping:

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This only happens to me when in BST, when we move back to GMT I don't get any time issues in Windows.

Looking forward to trying this later.



Like this one.. my fav

Just did - will test it out.

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Good for gaming. Some windows games could make the system unresponsive if not enough memory. They should be terminated automatically.

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71930 wallpapers... GOTTA GET EM ALL! :laughing:


This is indeed a very useful feature in terminal and it can help a lot of people.
I use a very similar plugin in zsh, instead of fish shell, but the principle is exactly the same.
Anyone who feels intimidated by the terminal will be well served by these plugins.
@pazoff , this is your Best Post, Ever.


Is Jupiter under a new maintainer? I thought it was replaced by TLP.

Not sure, this was an option for handling power modes in Ubuntu 20....i didn't get a chance to look further to see if it was deprecated.

Jupiter was deprecated and no longer supported.

I will trying that. My Zorin GUI os terminal tty1, because Kernel 5.15.1 will updated for newest.

I did provide the downside to turning off Journaling. If you don't, you should expect an ssd to only get half the lifespan it is said to have. It's a lot of writes on the drive. This is for the user to make an informed decision.

I thank you for sharing your opinion and the link. But i stand by my post because i believe it is worth the risk to have Journaling off to extend the lifespan of my drive to at least the expected amount. I also back up regularly anymore and am not afraid to reinstall and recover if necessary.

Edit: i edited my post to display in bold the downside of disabling journaling.

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There is much debate about the best solution to handling journaling with SSDs. Some argue that, so long as TRIM support is enabled correctly, journaling is fine to have. Others recommend (on Linux systems) to set the noatime flag when mounting the system, which disables logging file access time. Though this does reduce the number of writes to disk, there are reports that it may break certain applications. There are still others who recommend disable journaling entirely, though under most circumstances this is not recommended . The approach that I’ve investigated has the potential to work around all of these issues: external journaling.


I stated my peace...i leave it to the members of the forum to make an informed decision of their own. It is nice to know you have the option.

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