Discussion about "How to remove 'Starred' from Nautilus

I had never seen that button before even though its there in mine aswell. LOL

You may also see "Recents" there. I removed that, too. That 'How To', I believe, was found on this forum.

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While I do find it annoying as well I do not think it is worth editing the settings files for fear of unintended consequences. I appreciate the warning you put up for others.

"Recent" as you mentioned is also annoying and I never use it.

This returned no results.
I went ahead and added the property line to the file - However, the "Starred" option still appears after performing all the steps and rebooting.
And... I have run into this before with the "remove Recents" process. It used to work until an update from Gnome to Nautilus rolled in and no longer works no matter what I try.

My own conclusion is that the Gnome Devs really do not want users to have control.

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That is definitely part of the Gnome agenda, their views are similar to Apple.

I tend to agree with them over something like KDE that goes to far in the other direction. I would never recommend KDE for someone who wasn’t an experienced Linux user because of how easy it is to mess something up.

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my bad. fixed it.

Also, get ready: Ubuntu wants to move to an immutable OS.

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what does this mean?

It is an operating system that does not allow user configuration, customization or modification.

@therealduckie , do you have a link for this information?

EDIT: I just traced your edited instructs yet the Starred Folder is still there...

Last night: Ubuntu Core as an immutable Linux Desktop base | Ubuntu


re: following my instructions: Check the link i shared to see if there was anyone else with your issue. also, it may not work on the Beta or later versions of Nautilus.

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oh noo. Thats bad. Why would they stop us from using it however we want. :((

According to the link, the Immutable OS is an alternative to the traditional Destop, not a replacement.
What this clearly demonstrates is that they Want To Push the Idea and very likely hope it will be successful enough that it can replace the standard desktop.

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The idea of immutable OS is very interesting to me and definitely has a use case for controlled environments. Companies like RedHat and SUSE already have their own versions of: Silverblue and Micro, respectively; it's no surprise Canonical is planning to do make their own version of Ubuntu as an immutable OS.
But I really doubt any of these companies ditch entirely their "regular" versions.

Also, some distros use Ubuntu Core precisely because it offers them a minimal base from which to develop.

Personally I would be all for this. The most important thing for an OS is to be functional and this will limit user error tremendously.

I do appreciate users who want the freedom but honestly for most I would call this a win. The main downside I see is would distros like Mint/Zorin be forced to follow along? Because that would kind of suck. (Assuming it becomes the only version)

I think this takes us back to the conversation of using a different distribution as a base :smiley:

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I dont think, this will happen because according to the link, the feature 'immutable os' will be introduced in ubuntu 24.04, while zorin is based on 20.04 version of ubuntu, as far as i know.

I am not sure what ZorinGroup would think of the decision but I am pretty positive Mint would be against this.

Maybe that Debian “just in case” version will be their main version 1 or 2 releases down.

Hopefully this will not effect them and everybody can be happy. But it seems that such a change to Ubuntu would have to effect the distros based on it.

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This is correct. I am just thinking 3 or 4 years down the road, it really depends on what Canonical’s plans are as far as forcing it in the future or continuing with 2 versions.

Zorin OS 12 is based on Ubuntu 16.04
Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04
Zorin OS 16 is based on Ubuntu 20.04
Zorin OS 17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04

While I sincerely doubt they would change have they absolutely confirmed this? Just curious.