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What are some good Matrix clients that are available? I only know of Element, which has a good web interface as well but I'm curious if there are any that are particularly good.

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I really, REALLY like https://cinny.in on Desktop and/or Web, I’m using it on my iPad too :slight_smile:

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All right so for some reason it wouldn't let me register when using cinny even after verifying my email address. I went with Fractal instead which is designed specifically for Gnome, although it doesn't seem to pick up on my dark theme, probably due to it being a flatpak.

Anyway, it seems to be working and now I can search for rooms but I see two separate entries for the same address?

maybe you wanna check out https://matrix.org and the most popular Matrix App/Client https://element.io then :wink:

There’s other clients to choose, and you can also decide not to sign up on Matrix.org but rather another server, but in the end it doesn’t matter because Matrix is designed to be interoperable - anyone on any server can talk to anyone.

#Zorin_OS:matrix.org is the Space. It contains the main Zorin OS Chat and also an Off-Topic one

If you don’t want to / can’t join the Space, you can also join the chats seperately:

#Zorin_OS_OT:matrix.org - Offtopic
#Zorin_OS_General:matrix.org - Main/General chat

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Oh I see, it looks like I have joined the space but it looks just like a room so I don't know if things are working. I've sent a message also to #Zorin_OS_General:matrix.org, are you seeing it? It may be the client issue as well, so maybe I'll try element later as well.

Might be a side-effect of how far Fractal has actually been developed up to this point, as I’m not sure if Fractal supports Spaces properly yet.

You won't find me using Telegram:

...this is a post about Matrix? :thinking:

Well Telegram was mentioned in an earlier post. I also wonder if there have been any more vulnerabilities discovered in Matrix?:


my brother in christ, these public chats are unencrypted and not maintained with a security focus. These chats are maintained by us as a way for more users to chat about zorin and get help on their preferred platform.

This isn't a debate on whether you should trust any particular entity with any of your data, or the encryption that either platform offers

Either way, the article you've shared is basically a rehab of things that Telegram already states in their FAQ; Something that people actually interested to find out what the usecase for something like Telegram would be would've hopefully read. And also, the first archive of the link you've sent was on April 1st 2021, making me almost immediately dismiss the credibility of this secondary source.

I'm also confused as to why you're writing a message about Telegram's insecurity in a thread about Matrix which is completely unrelated to security.

To top it all off, this is quite literally the first result on Google which isn't sponsored, and the way the writers try to bring in mentions of other messengers and common keywords associated with Encryption, Messaging, Telegram and co. makes me believe that this isn't an honest review of Telegram's security model, but rather an article which has been written with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

In other words, I don't believe you've read the article that you've linked fully, checked it's primary sources, or even read my initial thread where the only mention of Telegram was that I am an Admin of the Telegram Chat.

EDIT: I've checked the primary source of the Matrix article you've linked (primary source). At the very top it says:

Status: Whilst the language of the paper and this website is in present tense, many of the vulnerabilities disclosed have been fixed. See our updated paper (or Matrix’ website) for more details. Our updated paper includes details of the mitigations for these attacks (alongside a few updates and corrections).

They also link to this post on Matrix.org from 2022 which addresses the concerns and urges users to upgrade:
Matrix.org - Upgrade now to address E2EE vulnerabilities in matrix-js-sdk, matrix-ios-sdk and matrix-android-sdk2

Yes they were fixed but it has asked monitoring to see if others arise.

There are, have been, and will always be security issues with any single piece of software you used, are using, or will ever use. Trying to find something which is indestructible is futile.

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