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I personally always make sure to have a working ad blocker mostly because:

  • Most of the hardware I use for web browsing have relatively limited resources (tablet with 2 GB ram and laptop that was "saved" by linux after being slow on windows 10), so removing unnecessary content that I do not need in the web pages can reduce energy usage (and even noise when it's on the laptop)
  • Most web pages have intrusive ads, which make it a bit uncomfortable to see the content
  • In the case of uBlock Origin (the ad-blocker that I use on firefox), it also does some privacy-respecting actions like blocking trackers

Do I hate ads? No. It is thanks to ads that devs and newspapers can post information online and make it accessible to everyone for free. And even if the veracity of some web pages can be questionable sometimes, you can always check different sources and get your own conclusion out of it. That is all without diving further into the big amount of productivity tools and games that are available for no cost on mobile devices thanks to ads.

That being said and back to the topic of firefox packaging: I think most of us have heard that mozilla finally released the stable release of firefox on the official repository, but more than a month after Z17's release I have doubts about it being brought with an update, since most users have just used the flatpak instead and already got it set up (bookmarked tabs, saved passwords, extensions, etc.), however, I do see it could be shipped on the 17.1 image, and maybe even on 17 lite once it comes out. This is just a theory though, what's on the ZorinGroup's mind may or may not be what's on mine; this is just speculation

As much as I see flatpak as the future of linux packaging (universal for all supported distros, no need for root permissions, can keep older distros that moved to an only-security-patches policy for updates running with the latest software for longer...) right now it still has some problems for some users, but, at least in the case of firefox, the flatpak is very usable (at some point some months ago I used it for some time instead of the native package and only issues I found were longer time to launch and a weird default download directory, two problems that don't ruin the usage), so I don't think the native will replace the flatpak with an update, but instead become an option you can install yourself if you already had installed Z17, only replacing one with another on installation images. Again, just speculation.

why not just use LibreWolf? Especially because uBlock Origin works best on Firefox?

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