Magoo Political comments

Aravisian not politically ranting:
"If we Truly cared about climate change, we would be getting horses and buggies. We all know that this is true. We all know what it is that Really Motivates us.

I honestly fear that is what is coming, actually."

There's more where that came from.

But I make an off-hand comment that news outlets are "ideologically skewed" (which, if you'll notice, includes Fox News in that video I linked to) and suddenly I'm threatened with bans and 'admonishment', while Aravisian gaslights by claiming he's never ranted?

It is to laugh.

Aravisian is quashing any ideological viewpoint that he disagrees with, while he's free to rant on about any topic he desires without repercussion. He is unfit to be moderator because of his ideological bent.

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