Magoo Political comments

@Mr_Magoo, this is further Warning to refrain from posting political rants on this forum and inciting heated debates and hard feelings.

No political party was mentioned, I merely stated the "ideologically skewed" nature of news outlets... guilty conscience, Aravisian? LOL

Second Warning:
you do not need to isolate a political party in order to present a Political Rant. You ploy with using innuendo and suggestion, but are fooling no one.
Your first offense was in skirting closed off-topic PM's and harassing the ZorinGroup directly.
Further incitement, infractions or accusations can result in Ban.

You are getting bent over ideology, no one else, Aravisian. And you're abusing your Moderator privileges to quash any mention of anything that doesn't fit your ideology, meanwhile you're free to rant at will, as you've done in the past and as you're very close to doing again.

Ping @zorink.

If you like, @Mr_Magoo, we can include @staff

In the meantime, your off topic meanderings and Political commentary are removed from that thread.

It is not an abuse of Moderator duties to remove off-topic political comments.
Your own argument works against you; your initial claim was that your post was not sided, now you must claim it is sided in order to claim it doesn't fit my side.

This thread is closed to discussion. You have protested and I have noted these actions in the moderator Logs. We do not need another long series of accusations that stretch for confusing pages on end.

Lastly, I have made no Political rants nor is any address here hinting at nor heading toward any political rant. You are admonished for posting political commentary.

Aravisian not politically ranting:
"If we Truly cared about climate change, we would be getting horses and buggies. We all know that this is true. We all know what it is that Really Motivates us.

I honestly fear that is what is coming, actually."

There's more where that came from.

But I make an off-hand comment that news outlets are "ideologically skewed" (which, if you'll notice, includes Fox News in that video I linked to) and suddenly I'm threatened with bans and 'admonishment', while Aravisian gaslights by claiming he's never ranted?

It is to laugh.

Aravisian is quashing any ideological viewpoint that he disagrees with, while he's free to rant on about any topic he desires without repercussion. He is unfit to be moderator because of his ideological bent.

Ping @zorink.

For the record:
The off-topic political commentary you made was removed. That is the moderators duty.

You have been admonished and are in-line for a ban because of your personal attacks and skirting forum guidelines - repeatedly. Not due to one event, but due to many.

This forums stance is apolitical: this means that all members are welcome here, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, creed. While I realize that some will "Politicize" these issues, they are not a political ideology, but necessary inclusiveness to maintaining a free and open forum welcoming to all members.
Mainstream Science (That is, scientific standards that are accepted across the Mainstream scientific community) are not political.
Therefor, you cannot claim that a moderator enforcing these forum policies are "Politically ranting."