Discussion on why Aravisian is an absent loser

My apologies for being largely absent; or when present, largely ineffective.
Currently, I cannot stay upright very long, in front of the computer. I do pop in to ensure any threads needing review are reviewed or to post quick replies. But lengthy or research intensive topics are more than I can handle.
I should be back up to full speed soon. No, it is not Covid. Though several family members have been hit with that, some of them out of state, in the last few weeks. All have recovered.
I have noticed a lot of tags my way... Or requests that are less simple than providing an answer such as examining Gnome Code or something. All I can ask is your patience. I am not a Linux Guru, just a stubborn novice that persists in seeking answers.


Take the time you need and take care.


you know more about linux than Linus Torvalds.
but TAKE CARE, ok?

Your probably just worn out from daily life and Zorin life!! I bet you get little sleep. and no apology needed... get better.

I imagine the breath of fresh air along with relaxing feels good....been a while I bet.

Don't sell yourself short on being a novice .... that you ain't ..... stubborn possibly but that's what makes you so effective because you won't quit until you find an answer ...... which in my estimation is admirable .... do what you can and come back when you are able and ready ....

Please do get rested and get well.

No fresh air for me, I walk outside that door, and its air stagnation, aka poor air quality.

You've answered a lot of questions, you've helped a lot of people, its understanding that you need a break. A persons mental health, is equally as important as a persons physical health, as well.

I've said it before, I will say it again, this forum needs a bit of attention from the admins, to make it better for all. Plus, I'm hoping they can fix my issue with the kernel situation as well.

In your absense, we still have the other mods who are putting in their time, like Carmar and Storm. Hopefully FrenchPress comes back soon, so she can help out. Get some much needed rest Aravisian.

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