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Does this work on Windows 11? Has anyone here tried this with Windows 11?

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I have not....please respond with your experience. You may have to search settings for fast boot, it may not be in the same place. They should have the same settings though.

Is there an all-in-one tool that can audit a machine and tell you what the status is for all these things like Secure Boot, Fast Start, Power Options etc?

I've been preparing to install Zorin (Lite 16.2) on a new laptop that came with Windows 11, but have the nagging worry that I might have missed something and could end up bricking the machine.

I can confirm this works with Windows 10 and 11 - 'drive encryption', separate from BitLocker, can be turned back on after installing Zorin, if you like. I have it disabled since I use some files off my Win partition in Zorin. Re-enabling will just lock you out of accessing the Win drive in Zorin and others.

SecureBoot - for me, the only thing I had to do was install 'shim' from apt via terminal, run mokutil and set a password, reboot and change SecureBoot to 'enabled' in BIOS, reboot again, enter mokutil password, enable with mokutil, boot - done. Do not know what to do if it breaks so, there's that lol only need to enter BIOS and disable SecureBoot if so.. Nvidia drivers had to have a reboot and password to install - but just once, I don't have to do that with other drivers for Nvidia or updates after the first time.

And since I'm dual-booted, Win needs a full shutdown before booting into Zorin, or any other distro. Win has some active link to sound through a warm boot. This drove me completely insane for a day or two.. After finding that out, always do a full shutdown before booting Zorin - and if I forget, just have to boot back into Win and shutdown.

Just waiting for 17 to drop! :smiley:

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It is possible before install using zram?
Propably is better without swap.

I haven't tried; would it not be the same speed as the USB port? Or do you mean instead of setting a swap during install, setting zram instead?

I mean zram in operating system Zorin.
ZRAM creates a block device in RAM where pages that would otherwise be written to swap (disk/ssd) are instead first compressed, then stored.

Guys. This is a Tutorial thread not a Discussion thread. Think carefully before posting here whether you are adding to the Tutorial content or not.

@Aravisian maybe consider splitting recent content re zram to new thread if not directly contribiting or updating the original and essential "Before you install" advice. Zab

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Yes... This really needed some cleaning!

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