Disk check at every boot, USB freeze at login couple of seconds and cursor doesn't go away


I've been using ZorinOS for a while now and recently have these issues:

  • Every time I start the PC Zorin does a disk check. "Press Ctrl+C to cancel all filesystem checks in progress". This will take around 20-30 seconds and the login screen appears
  • At login, the mouse and keyboard USB do not have power for 10 seconds. Then the power goes on for both devices and I can login
  • After logging in, the mouse cursor that was on the login screen is permanently stuck there on the screen. So then I have two mouse cursors, one I can move and another one that stuck. It won't go away, not when I lock the screen of when the screensaver goes on. Logging in again doesn't create a new stuck mouse cursor, only the first time
  • When I boot the OS the first time, don't login and wait until the screensaver kicks in, it's impossible to get the screen back on. I need to poweroff the PC. After a first login, the problem doesn't occur.

I checked with the dmesg command and I do get a lot of these messages:

[ 1522.097695] usb usb2-port1: Cannot enable. Maybe the USB cable is bad?

There are only two devices connected to the PC (mouse and keyboard). Could be defective hardware of course, but everything is brand new. And I have no idea how to test it.

It's not a dual boot system, it only runs ZorinOS.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: It looks like the on board USB3.0 ports at the back are not working, plugging my mouse in one of these ports my mouse doesn't work.

Hi and welcome. Is this a desktop or a notebook computer? If disk check keeps occurring at boot and only recently started doing this suggests one of two things.

  1. OS has become corrupt or
  2. Potential Hard Drive failure

If you know the manufacturer of the hard drive, check if there are any HDD Tools, e.g., Seagate has Sea Tools to test hard drive which you can run from CD or USB.


It's a desktop but as it turns out, four USB ports on the motherboard don't work. I think that's where the message comes from. It looks like when I shut down the system, it can't normally shut down because it keeps trying to open/close the defective USB ports. The message mentioned in the first post gets shown a lot. Then there's probably some timeout and then it shuts down.

But since this was not a normal shutdown, it does a disk check to try to fix any potential problem.

So when the new motherboard has been installed the problems will hopefully go away.

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