Disk formatting

Hi everybody, I have questions about disk formatting:

  • How effective is it?
  • How many percent is it?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I'm wondering what you mean by how many percent is it? No matter what operating system you use, you will format the entire size of the partition that you create. If that partition is the size if the disk, it will format the entire size.

Just a with windows or Mac, it is effective in formatting the partition completely. Most disk software offered with the OS"s available will change the partition table, clearing the location of information (without touching the data that exists on it [fast format option] ). You can choose the slower option (i forgot how it's named) which is supposed to write all zeroes to the partition you choose. You can use a software to write all one's, which would completely erase your data.

I'm not sure exactly what information you are searching for.


He wondering how much clear is formatting something like a wipe. How much % success is to gived chance full foramtting without any data on hard disk.

If that is the case I would reccomend DBAN.

As i said, all options will reach 100% format. If in disks, under gnome, when he chooses the partition to format, he can choose erase which will write all one's to destroy the data on the drive. This will take longer than a quick format and the time is dependant on the size of the partition you want to wipe.

It's debatable which software is the best to use in order to wipe sensitive information from the drive. If you have access to recovery software, you can try the erase method in disks and attempt a recovery to test the completeness of the wipe. Other than this wipe and try, there is no way to ensure that the data is erased permanently.

To ensure complete unrecoverability, hook the ssd/nvme to a wall outlet and cook the chips... for a platter drive, run a really strong magnet over both the top and bottom surfaces in a clockwise motion several times.

The best thing to do to keep sensitive info from being found is to never put it on your computer.

This is all a bit extreme though. Unless you work for a company working with top secret clearance material, you will most likely not be targeted by hackers. It will be doing something illegal or clicking without thinking that finds your computer infected with ransomware, viruses or Trojans. If this is the case just stop doing illegal activity.

Most people's fear of losing private data is never realized. When it is, it is normally through the lack of security or out dated security in large companies. Individuals rarely ever are targets for malicious computer enthusiasts.


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