Disk partioning before installing Zorin OS 15.3

Before installing Zorin OS core 15.3 on the SSD, I would like to partition the disk. (1) Do I need four partitions (one partition for each operation system Windows 10 Professional and Zorin OS core 15.3, one partition for programs like Libreoffice etc. that is used by either OS, and one partition for data like documents etc.), or do I need three partitions (one partition for Windows 10 Professional and programs, one partition for Zorin OS core 15.3 and programs, and one partition for data)? (2) What size should each of the partitions have? (3) Do I have to partition the SSD under Windows before I install Zorin as a second OS? Hardware in use: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, Intel Core i7-8565U QuadCore (1.8-4.6 GHz), 16GB RAM, Intel UHD 620 Grafic shared, 1TB SSD (presently 205GB in use, of which programs (x86) occupy 2.08GB and programs 2.05GB). Thank You for Your advice.

Basic partition scheme for Zorin is described here:

You may also wish to download and read @swarfendor unofficial manual for Zorin 15 here:

Note: For SSD you need to use a non-journaling filesystem to avoid wear, so format partitions using EXT2, not EXT4 which is normally used for HDD.

Also should enable TRIM. See here: