Dislocker seem to fail

When I try the decrypt the windows partition with dislocker, it seems to fail somehow:
sudo dislocker /dev/nvme0n1p3 …
command produces message:
Segmentation fault
This message is very short and I could not see what the failure/error actually is with this dislocker command.

What version of Dislocker are you using? Is it 0.7?

The dislocker-git is the recommended patched version.

dislocker by Romain Coltel, v0.7.1 (compiled for Linux/x86_64)

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Yep- Try using the git version, instead. That should resolve the issue.

I could not find it by the apt search dislocker-git


It looks like “arch-linux”. I’m not sure how to use that.
Also command dislocker-fuse gives “Segmentation fault”.

Please review here: https://github.com/Aorimn/dislocker/issues/185

To install the AUR dislocker-git:
In terminal, please run

git clone https://aur.archlinux.org/dislocker-git.git

cd dislocker-git

makepkg -si

I’m not sure what it is doing, but it looks failing in the last part with the makepkg:
jari@ENVY-17:~/dislocker-git$ makepkg -si
makepkg: command not found

Ah, I am sorry, that was an AUR command.

Used to be Fribid… That was before my time. Let me try to find out what to do- give me a bit.

Anything of use here?