Display error with multiple displays and use of desktop scaling

Zorin OS: 17.1 Core
CPU: AND Ryzen 9 7950X
GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080
Monitors: 2x Samsung 27" (3840x2160), 1x Samsung 34" (3440x1440)
Driver: NVIDIA driver metapackage (nvidia-driver-535), proprietary, tested

Problem description:
The 34" monitor is the main screen, no scaling should be used here. The other two screens are to be used with 150% scaling.

Fractional scaling is therefore activated in the display settings so that 150% can be set and activated on the two monitors mentioned.

Now, however, you always get display errors in various apps, e.g. in the display app, see screenshot. The problem disappears again as soon as you change the scaling to 100%.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

I do not see an attached screenshot. Can you please add that to your reply?

For the 4080, I would highly recommend using the 545 or 550 (Proprietary) (NOT tested) driver.

I switched to driver version 550 but still the same problem, also restarted the os etc.

While that is a swift recommendation, using mixed-DPI Scaling is a can of worms and unlikely to be solved in one action.
Some applications do not provide in-built support for mixed-DPI scaling, so those apps will error out.

Some applications do include a means of managing it from their Properties and Settings, commonly under "compatibility" with a setting checkbox for "Override high DPI scaling behavior" but this is application dependent.

Simply not possible with the Xorg Graphics Backend, and only partially supported running GNOME+Wayland.

Multi-Display Support on the Xorg backend has always been a bit of a hack as it internally sets both displays as being one big "display", which means they have to share one scaling setting.

Wayland can recognise these two displays seperately[1], but please be aware:

  • Wayland is a much younger backend than Xorg - it may be less tested, and you may run into compatibility issues, especially with older programs.
  • You may run into issues specifically because of Nvidia Drivers. With the Driver Update coming in May there should be big improvements though, and the 20xx, 30xx and 40xx series is much better supported than older models.
  • As @Aravisian said, on newer cards 545 or later is recommended (by us, as a community)
  • Whilst many programs have been updated to support Wayland directly, some may run through XWayland to provide compatibility with apps designed exclusively for Xorg, such as Wine or Steam. Most included ZorinOS Applications have support out of the box.

Either way, you can try switching to Wayland as the graphics back-end by logging out, selecting your user, and under the :gear: icon selecting "Zorin Desktop on Wayland". [2]

  1. at least, better than Xorg can, even if marginally ↩︎

  2. I'm not sure if GNOME, the basis for Zorin's Desktop, has per-display fractional scaling, but I know that this is a technical possibility on Wayland as I personally run a Thinkpad T470s with an integrated 1080p display and external 4K display on Plasma. This does not mean you should switch to Plasma on your existing ZorinOS installation. ↩︎

I have often considered this as both a curse and a blessing.
Setting both as one big display can be an advantage, depending on your needs.
Or a disadvantage, as is the case in this thread.

When applying a conky, if you set the position somewhere outside of your monitors reach, the conky will be displayed there - in the math. Somewhere off in space, outside of your monitors boundaries.
I wonder how conky would work on Wayland...

I doubt Conky would get an update, but on Wayland you could use the protocol to define which display(s) it should be on, it's position on those displays and various other display-placement related things just fine

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Conky is currently actively maintained. It is Torsmo (which conky is forked from) which is not longer maintained.

I mean an update specifically to run Wayland-Native, which right now it doesn't do to my knowledge

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