Display from USB-C to DisplayPort, or HDMI to HDMI

Hi, i just install zorin from a dual boot on my laptop cause i like to give a chance to a linux os, but, i have already connect my main display to my laptop, and i don´t shown any image... i´m not sure if the dual boot is the reason for that, i guess is not, i search a little, and changing the nvidia settings that the additional updates give me, i try the ´xorg´ settings, and no one can identify my screen actually. my laptop model is ´xenia15´by Adata. btw I couldn´t find anything significantly helpful on the manufacturer's website.

What graphics do you have specifically?

sudo lshw -C video

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And is this now connected with HDMI or DisplayPort?

I don't use a Laptop but I have connected my PC with HDMI to my TV-Monitor and it runs without Problems.

I am not familiar with that laptop but most of the ones I have owned have one of the functions keys that will turn on the video output. On my Dell I have to hold down the Fn key and then hit F8. That will turn on the video output to an external monitor.

I think the manufacturer is XPG as ADATA manufacture RAM and storage media and cables. Looking at a review image it should be Fn+ F11:

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