Display not recognized after idle period

I forgot my PC open yesterday and been in idle mode for a couple of hours. Powered off and today it opened with the 640x480 resolution on my monitor, or something like that. With the message on Display Settings: Unknown Display

My actual screen resolution "1366 x 768" doesn't appear anywhere.

I am using Zorin 17.1 on an 8'th generation Intel Nuc with i5-8259U CPU( default integrated gpu) and my monitor connected from DVI to an HDMI port.

Encountered this issue on Zorin 16 and one time resolved by itself other time I followed a tutorial like this to add a custom resolution wich remained permanently in the settings. Now I do all the steps but the custom resolution does appear only on the terminal with sudo xrandr but not in the setting. After a restart aren't even there anymore.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Zorin OS 17 defaults to Wayland, which 16 did not do.

The xrandr software is for use on X-Windowing systems like X11/Xorg

Wayland also does have some issues with Blank screen on Wake or inability to fully init on wake.

An initial test you might try is loading on X from the login > Gear Icon and selecting Zorin Desktop on X to see if you can replicate the lost resolution.

Is this a Zorin-specific or Driver issue? I've not ever had such issues running multi-monitor setups, at least on Plasma 5.27 and Plasma 6 :thinking:

No, not at all. POP_OS, Ubuntu... Debian...

Some examples:

For clarity, while I have been following a variety of bug reports over periods of months in my activities on the forum; I did not memorize the url's to each issue.
Take my statements as those of observation and with a grain of salt.

Black screen or Blank screen on wake is a troublesome issue that we all know occurs frequently on X11, as well.

The majority of these cases were resolved by switching back to Xorg. As to causes, we could go over many. Some fall on Gnome, some fall on Wayland, some fall on the kernel.
However, that is not relevant for threads in which we are trying to help users troubleshoot and address issues. The End user is not interested in debates on Wayland vs. Xorg, but in a solution that they can use swiftly.

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