Display Problem

I use Zorin on an older computer. I use it with Simple Screen Recorder to record and save webinars.
The machine is always plugged in.
I have the machine set up with the screen saver turned off.
In the power settings I have the display always on.
When I am trying to record Zoom webinars, the display still goes black.
With pre-recorded webinars I never have a problem.
How can I change something in settings so that the display NEVER goes blank?

Have you check Caffeine at Software?
It should prevent from screen goes to sleep during full screen mode.

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Here is a old post of mine regarding Caffeine.

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It is a very interesting anecdote.
I always used Caffeine successfully when I was running OSX on my HP Elitebook (now it is running Zorin 16).

I also installed Caffeine to a real Macbook I gave to my mother-in-law (OSX is the only OS 90 years old can handle :wink:)