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PC: RTX 2060, two displays (hdmi + displayport), IIyama 27''
Sometimes I have some trouble with my screens. This is radomly issue.
My PC works 24/7. When screens are in standby and I click keyboard to turn they on, size of screen change.
I use 1920x1080 resolution. When it changes, resolutrion is the same, but screen size is like 4k and I must scroll it. When I change one of displays resolution from fhd to 4k, and then from 4k to fhd then it's ok.

What could happen with displays configuration?

I suffer from the same thing 95% of the time. Its caused by the computer entering standbye when the computer no longer senses a signal from the screens. The computer stops bothering to send signal do your dual displays, when this happens, the OS automatically defaults to a single screen.

Most of the time I have to enter my DISPLAYS menu and reset the settings, like the positions of screen 1 and screen 2. One time, my system decided to lose my 200% scaling and went back to 100% on me. I know how frustrating this can be, I have been going through it for a long time now, years.

I have never found a single solution for the issue, and I seriously doubt there is one, aside from just making sure both the displays stay on forever 24/7, and making sure the computer doesn't go into some sleep cycle.

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