Display Scale Issue

Hi everyone, new Zorin user here and absolutely loving it so far. I am having an issue that I was hoping someone could help with - I'm running two external displays and want the scale set to 100% on the external monitors and 200% on the laptop's display. Is there a way to set a display-specific scale percentage? Every time I attempt to adjust an individual display's scale percentage, it makes a universal change across all displays.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

Are you using core or lite? Do you have an nvidia card in this machine? Is it set to on demand?

These questions are an attempt to diagnose the issue, since your question is lacking some info. You could also take a look at this which could give you more direction since you know your system better than anyone here.

Thanks for your reply, @337harvey. I'm using Core and the card in my Lenovo X1 Extreme is: NVIDIA Corporation GP107M GeForce GTX 1050

Did any of the suggestions help? Being that you have core gdm is already installed and used.

I'm literally brand new to Linux so please be gentle. What would be the thing you'd recommend that I do? Install GNOME Display Manager 3? If so, is there a way to do that outside of the terminal? I don't see it listed in the bundled software store.

Thank you for your patience and help...

You shouldn't need to because gnome is installed and that version came with gdm3. You can check that your nvidia card is set to on demand using the nvidia settings app in the app menu under utilities.

I think everything is already set up:

Or these pointers:

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