Displayport MST (Multi-Stream Transport)

I'm using a Monoprice MST displayport hub to connect 2 monitors to the same displayport connection on my Asus Radeon RX 470 video card. Zorin OS 16 Pro recognizes the monitors, they both appear on the Displays menu but there is only output from one of them at a time. Let's call them output A and B. If both monitors are connected to the hub output A is the one that is active, none of the monitors have any problem working with the hub. If output A is connected and B is free, and after starting Zorin I connect the second monitor it stays blank (no signal). The opposite is true, with output B connected and A free at the start, or when disconnecting and reconnecting the MST hub from the video card. Also of note is that I had the same problem with Feren OS (for test purposes, I don't have it installed), but have no problem with my other Linux distros (Mint, Garuda, and Void). Before trying anything (changing kernels, drivers, etc) I'd like to know your suggestions as to what might be the cause.

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What drivers do you use for the amd card ?

Just the opensource drivers included with Zorin 16 Pro, checked for additional drivers as I actually needed the ones for Bluetooth (found out I actually needed to get proprietary drivers, bluetooth is now working without a hitch) but none came on the list.

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