Distro Upgrade...Forced Ubuntu JJ?

So I was prompted to do a distro upgrade last night and after reboot I noticed something wasn't right...Zorin os was replaced with ubuntu jammy-jelly fish. I can reflash the OS back to zorin but I was curious if this happened to anybody else?

It has.
In Zorin OS- that Ubuntu Distro Upgrade function is absolutely disabled by default.
The user must go in and manually enable that feature in order to see that prompt at all. So, most people never see it.

Of the few that have experienced the same as you have, i am confident that they were honest in stating that they, personally, did not manually alter the configuration.
What remains as a possibility is that third party scripts that users install or try out - some applications like grub customizer, etc. are enabling that function, without the user being aware that it has done so.
What script or application is doing it - I have no idea. Most people do not remember what all they tried out or installed in the past months before the incident...

With it comes the life-lesson to always stay diligent when exploring github, scripts, trying out things...
That siad: The prompt specifically states that it will upgrade the system to the latest release of Ubuntu*, so the other lesson of Always read the output remains strong.


I cant remember what I installed last night but I have been fighting with my gpu drivers(using internal intel graphics, EVGA1050ti internal and an Zotac external with a pci-adaptor, 4monitors). I got the displays working perfectly! Then I was fighting with my printer and interface errors between usb and net printing...stopped using usb and went straight net printing and solved those issues. So far I'm actually kinda liking the JJ if it runs better then Zorin I might stay with it IDK yet.

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Not trying to start anything, I love Zorin over 18.4 but this is hands down more refined then Zorin. Everything is smooth I havnt had to open my terminal yet....everything works without issues. I'm sorry guys but this is like going from 18.4 to Zorin again! Kinda in shock actually. I would highly recommend taking it for a drive.

You can always come back to Zorin when zorin 17 comes out. It will be based on Ubuntu 22.04.

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