Distro with minimal overhead

I am talking about this release -> Download Links – MX Linux

I saw it:

MX-21_x64 “ahs”, an “Advanced Hardware Support” release for very recent hardware, with 5.14 kernel and newer graphics drivers and firmware. 64 bit only.

It uses even a newer kernel than Zorin. We are still on 5.11

Non ahs editions are still using 4.19 kernels. I just confirmed that with my husband.

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mx-linux is in distrowatch always on the first place, makes me wonder why.

Because it is good :slight_smile:
My husband is using it for some years now and very happy with it.
Unfortunately the lack of systemD does not play very well with VMWare, which I need for my work.

So i assume it uses grub as well instead of systemd bootloader ? Downloading the xfce edition to try out. xfce is a light distro, will this affect anything with gaming ?


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We know nothing about gaming.

But at least we can attest that it is more efficient to compile scores in Lilypound.

Lilypound can use only a single thread of CPU and my husband wanted to find a distro with a minimal overhead. One evening, we sat together around the table and tested all distros we could put our hands on to compared a speed of compiling a large orchestra score. (We are 2 nerds living together).

The fastest one was Puppy Linux. But it was not very practical for everyday use.

The second fastest was MXLinux. I think it is something to so with a lack of systemD which seems to slow down the entire system.

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Well i like to game so now and then, the reason i chosen for pop! os is because system76 creates gaming notebooks/laptop etc and they come with pop! os. So those people know what they are selling and doing. I can't complain about pop at all, so far it works great.

If MXLinux is faster and can get games to run like i do in pop, maybe i give it a try.

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I suspect if you have an old game which can only use a single thread, MXLinux could speed the whole thing up.

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I played a game last week till the end of it and that one is from the year 2000. Worked great so far.

I think we need to split the topic again, you and me in 1 topic is always...offtopic haha :joy:.

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At least it wasn't me this time. (As Startreker points at the sith lord with the red light saber) :grin:


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Oh my gosh, FrenchPress is the fastest road runner in the world!

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I have tried mx Linux on pendrive. Very stable. I liked automation scripts what people wrote. One command and all working.


That what I only like on MxLinux.
latest drivers, kernel etc :slight_smile:

even my game recognize them so I got better performance.
But with the rest, Zorin is my to go

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MXLinux 21 comes with kernel 5.10. Tested their new release yesterday in live boot (xfce). If i remember right, linux is already on 5.15.

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I tested it today, kernel was on 5.14

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Weird, by update or in live ?

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