Distrowatch and Zorin


I dont know if someone visiting distrowatch, but this is I think first place for new potential users, older users who looking for new distro.

For example, in last 7 days , trending for Zorin is :

Screenshot from 2021-08-21 15-02-21

MX linux is always on first place, but Zorin is far far better.

We can keep that score even higher, just every day go on Distrowatch site, open Zorin page and that is it. Keep alive this beautiful distro.

I hope this topic is ok, if not mod delete it :slight_smile:
It is not cheating , just popularity :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I already posted a review.

But most of them looking just a # place..

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done also :slight_smile: new day, new visit :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a second, I thought that Distrowatch uses the anonymously collected data that you can opt-in from the installer to show these metrics..... It's just page views? Oh wow....

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Yes, it is just page hit ( visit)

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That's very good to know! Thanks for sharing your insight.

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Yeah, last I heard, Distrowatch was a site that curved favor, of certain distros over others. Once people realized it was not legit, people no longer took it seriously.

I mean, come on, everybody knows that Zorin OS 16, and POP OS 21.04, are where it's at. Nobody talks about MX Linux. So, I say, watch video reviews of what's popular.

Or just come here and we will tell you ourselves. Zorin, and POP lol.

I'm very curious... Why is MX Linux always at the top? Just a bunch of people wake up daily and are like ...it's time to do my part and they just keep doing it like an office job? :smiley:
I'm not getting the idea behind it.

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I tried lot distros ( I really mean lot, with different DE) .

And if someone really wants stable, great distro, with great support , trusted source, then you have hm, 3-4 distros to use .
Btw, Ubuntu/debian based distro- best one is Zorin.

I am not saying that because I am here, I am saying that because I tried them. And used them for few days/weeks.

But everyone have different desires, requirements and preferences

Zorin is here that means Zorin is very good.

The fact that the Zorin OS is used by many people suggests that it is good, but the OS does not prove that the user is good.