Distrowatch Review on Zorin 16

Finally got my review of Zorin 16 posted and thought I'd share it with you. Hopefully since I gave a honest review it will help others to come experience this wonderful OS. I won't post the link, you will have to go to the site yourself. But here is a screenshot.


Great review Bubby .... not sure what happened but I gave you 5 yes votes but I guess the Martians came and took them .... :roll_eyes: :rofl:


:alien: :star:


I still like your Frogzilla better .... and Tokyo better watch out cause there is nothing worse than a flying frog chasing Godzilla .... :innocent:


Pay no attention to the distro watcha. It is not to be trusted. The clickiedy clack counter goes tick top up, tick tock up. But there's no science! :scream_cat: The horror, of the untruths, it lies.

Those who know, will know that Zorin OS is the best, and we have data to back it up. We don't yell out MX Linux, cause thats what everybody else yells. No sir! We have the evidence to support why Zorin OS is the best.

And with millions of downloads, that alone speaks volumes! Distrowatch is nothing but a stale bag of potato chips, nothing good can come out of taking a bight there. But come to Zorin OS, and its like that can, once you pop, you can't stop. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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In fairness, distrowatch is a good site. It does not lie.
Distrowatch has no way of knowing what is the most popular O.S., nor what everyone is using.
The Popularity hit, as stated by distrowatch, is based on what people Search for on the site the most, not what everyone is using.
Distrowatch honestly points this out On the Very Page:

The DistroWatch Page Hit Ranking statistics are a light-hearted way of measuring the popularity of Linux distributions and other free operating systems among the visitors of this website. They correlate neither to usage nor to quality and should not be used to measure the market share of distributions. They simply show the number of times a distribution page on DistroWatch.com was accessed each day, nothing more.

Please be fair to Distrowatch - they are doing fine.


I said it was a hit counter, its no science, so we can not trust it to be science. Hit counter can be lies, because you also have no way of knowing weather or not a bot is being used, to inflate the counter. I will not defend a website that is a simple hit counter. I would never take a site like distrowatch seriously.

I am not sure why your defending them, makes 0-sense to me. I will not be fair, I will be honest. And the honesty is, its a hit counter, there is no truth to it, there is no science.

Problem is they isn't a website out there that puts out factual based info on Linux OS systems with the amount of OS introductions that Distrowatch does.(they never claim facts) It has the most submitted projects I've found on the internet. At least you can wade through them and try some to locate something your looking for. I found Zorin that way.

Most Top 10, Top 20, Top whatever are writing by funded orgs try to promote a agenda. At least on their site you have just submissions all in one place to figure out after digging a interest.

That is the first and only review I have every done for a OS. I've talk on here about my road traveled looking at some other projects, but that's it.

I'm not looking for the popularity contests or people just following because its cool. I am looking for the best fit for me. And Zorin has time and time again shown it RUNS REALLY well. Regardless of what DE OOB.

But that doesn't mean I can't or won't still have interest to what different flavors are out there to try.

Until another site comes along and offers 100's of distros to kinda chew on, I'll go there.


Yep, I've tried Zorin OS, Feren OS, Makulu Lindoz, POP OS. I've literally been using Zorin OS the longest out of all of them. I had a good nearly 1-year run with POP OS. But I had issues that I just got tired of dealing with.

And you know what? System76 provides no easy place to provide them feedback on POP OS. They have this Mattermost chatroom BS that they use, that works until your locked out of your account for whatever reason, then you have no way of providing feedback.

So, I had no way of letting them know the issues I was having to get them corrected. So I was stuck with the issues I had until I tried to fix it, and then I caused catastrophic failure of my installation.

So, this is what returned me back to Zorin OS, the OS that I have been using since OS 9. And you know what? I don't have one of the major issues that I had with POP OS. My keyboard works perfectly after login each time on Zorin OS, and I have had a few restarts in the past on this OS, and no issues.

So whatever Zorin OS is doing, its doing it better then POP OS when it comes to my fancy Corsair K95 keyboard. I love Zorin OS, it just works. The only thing I don't like, its not even Zorin OS's fault man, its Gnome.

Gnome is a serious resource hog. So, I am waiting for OS 16 LITE. Once I get that installed, I am sure I will be seeing a lot less resource usage lol.


Does Distrowatch claim to be a science?

There is a lot of information on distros on Distrowatch that have nothing to do with the hit counter. It is a very informative site and my first Go-To for checking out any distro, in order to see what version packages it comes with, what the reviews are and what it offers.

Honesty requires fairness.


A hit counter records a hit and increments a counter. To me that is science, unless applied mathmatics is no longer considered a science.
Distrowatch performs a useful role in displaying the vast variety of Linux distro's. Once you recognise the sort order is according to hits on Distrowatch and not users or installs then you can act accordingly.
I wonder what the effect will be if all of us on the forum now go and read @Bubby's review :smiley:


I also ticked Yes (it is helpful) to your review :heart_eyes:

Distrowatch is where I found Zorin, MXLinux and GhostBSD.
While I gave up on BSD a while ago, the remaining two still have their place in my spare machines.

While I do not pay much attention for its hit counter, I highly appreciate its search function with many parameters:

It is fun to play with it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I put also my review and it comes very fast long time ago.

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Just wanted to let you know that, even though I don't use Distrowatch, I went on the site to find your review, just so I could leave it a like. I don't find that site easy to use, so it took me a bit to find it. And the only reason I knew it was your review, is cause I cross referenced your screenshot, good thing you posted it.

Generally, when I am looking for reviews for Linux distro's, I just go to Youtube. Whats great about Youtube, is that any good reviewer, will take us through the OS with screen capture software, its a great way to show off the positives and negatives of an OS.

Anyways, hopefully rating your review as helpful will help gain it some extra viewership. :slightly_smiling_face: (If the site uses an algorithm that makes sense at all, then it will.)


@StarTreker Wonderful my good friend! Yes the sole purpose is to get others to find what we have already found. The Best Linux OS for those looking to make the transition from awful M$ to Zorin OS and enjoy, learn and grow to move in a positive direction with Linux. Gnome is the foot in the door so to speak. And like most we wait for Lite and XFCE. But even if they stay with Gnome it will get the basic user through life no doubts. Zorin will let that older laptop, desktop last for many years to come. Getting their money worth. And OPENING a whole new world of enjoyment.

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@Bubby That is exactly how I feel as well. I think Zorin OS is the best Linux OS in the world. And I want people to be able to see what I see in Zorin OS. And you are right, many of us are waiting on LITE, so we can install that XFCE goodness, with Zorin deliciousness. :yum:

And LITE will most certainly allow those older computers to perform better. Zorin OS 16 PRO is running fairly well on that old dual core of mine, but you can tell its not a peppy performance, but if I were to install LITE, I know it would fix that.

Now with my main computer, its a race car in comparison, and so it runs awesome with Gnome, my only complain is how much RAM it uses. And again, thats not Zorin's fault, its Gnome, for being the resource hog that it is. But, even XFCE will be running better on this race car of a notebook, using less RAM usage.

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