Disturbed audio not listenable

Hi, I tried different distributions on this laptop but only with the latest Ubuntu I was able to hear the audio well, even if at a certain point the problem arose there too. I installed Zorin and I like the distribution, but I have problems with the audio which is always distorted and I have to wear headphones because it is unbearable.
I put the hardware from Aida64 to windows.
The laptop is recent

Actually the sound card is a Realtek that I know of

Hi and welcome to the forum. I assume you have installed ZorinOS 17 Core.

Check Zorin>Settings>Sound for listed output soundcard/s.

Also open terminal (ctrl+alt+T) and type alsamixer
Hit F6 check which soundcard/s are listed?

If your laptop is particularly new then you may need a later linux kernel or specific drivers. Can you tell us what the laptop make/model is and which soundcard/s it has.