Ditch Virtual Box for QEMU and virt-manager - you will be glad you did!

Clonezilla but it's been a while since I used it and should also point out never had an SSD and probably never will. So when spindle drives are no longer available my computing days will be over.

Virt manager uses hypervisor. I was just giving an alternative to VM ware. Its been years since I tried VM Ware Player. I switched from VB to Virt Player as you don't need to press right Ctrl to release the mouse to desktop mode on adjacent monitor. You also have to remember that if you created VMs with peripherals present in the details it won't run if they are not present, e.g., thumb drives.

No luckily I have not

I had to if using Windows VM primarily to access work requests via a mailbox that could not be set up in Evolution. It could not even be accessed in Outlook365, because it was shared access mailbox.

If you are confortable with CUI, then Clonezilla.
If you prefer GUI, then Rescuezilla.


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