Ditch Virtual Box for QEMU and virt-manager - you will be glad you did!

Well I am now fully happy! I have just migrated all my work stuff to Devuan 3.0 and the helpful people suggested virt-manager but no guidance. I am not quite sure myself how I managed to do it but Qemu (with the front-end Aqemu) has been able to convert my .vhd into an .img - couldn’t get it to run in Aqemu directly but have done so with virt-manager - the difference is unbeleivable.

  1. The graphics looks like Winidows is running on native hardware, more so than VB and no memory allocation needed for Graphics!
  2. It can be set to launch each time the host is started - Yay!
  3. The mouse pointer can easily move from VM Desktop to real desktop - no more pressing of the right Ctrl key!


My Christmas present has come real early!