DNS leaking servers?

New 3-day user to Zorin 16.2 (Core) running in VMware. Working great, except, I'm seeing a DNS leak, and ruling out other possible causes, it seems somehow related to Zorin or Firefox in Zorin. Running a vpn, and it sees DNS leak to 3 Cloudflare servers. Same connection on win10 host, there is no leak. I also have win10 Guest OS and no leak in those VM, so the DNS leak is only reported in the Zorin VM. I have "tested" this a few different ways, connecting to differnet vpn locations, etc. The Zorin firewall is turned but just the basic setting. I have not yet tested this with a Chromium browser. Anything to check or tweak in Zorin?

How is your ipv4 and ipv6 configured in Windows - and in Zorin OS?
This seems likely an issue with an unconfigured ipv6.

This post hopefully may be a hint to help get you in the right direction. I am more novice myself on this topic and am in the process of learning.

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Perhaps the VPN provider has some configuration guide for Linux?

I think you meant to link to some post here? :smiley:

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No, I was referring to the comment I had made in my post.:wink:

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Oh, I was hoping to learn something new out of this. Networking is one of those things that I still know very little about.

I don't use VPN (trusting unknown (apart from service name) 3rd Party with my data? no way) but noticed you are using VMWare. Do you get the same result in Virt-Manager (Virtual Machine Manager)?

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