DNS Lookup very slow. Need to improve? - Zorin 16

Although I have already solved this issue repeatedly with Zorin. The question would be ... Would it be necessary to make a change in Zorin?

The problem is that using any browser, the first connection with any website is incredibly slow (Above 30sec) Taking into account that I have a 300Mbps connection, it is an absurd waiting time.

To solve it I have resorted to this method.

After changing the DNS this no longer happens, it goes super fast.

But since I want to share my experience and give Feedback that is why I make this post, since this has happened to me since Zorin 15 and I always have to do the same solution. I currently use Zorin 16.

What do you think about it?

Should this post be moved to "Feedback" section. Mods to decide on show of hands.

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You moved it to Feedback. That's sorted then.

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