Do games run well on Zorin OS?

Specially that there is no datamining is a big pro. :+1:

I also saw that you can install steam. Are there many Windows-games you can also run on Zorin OS?

@Storm , @Michel should be able to address this adeptly.:wink:


Yes, I got alot of games to work in Linux that i played in Windows. I wrote a nice tutorial for that on how to do run them, it's quit easy to do so if you follow the tutorial.

I play games like Halo the Masterchief Collection on 60fps without any problems, sometimes i get the feeling some game runs better under linux then they do on windows haha.


Do you played a lot of steam games or other games under ZorinOS? I play games Like The Elder Scrolls 4, 5 and online and many more games. I'm more affraid that a favorite game doesn't work under Zorin.

Steam has a nice feature called proton that will make windows games to work in linux. It's written in the tutorial.

Yes all the games i bought are working fine, if a proton version fails (like no sound or intro movies) try the gloriouseggsroll proton. That one never failed for me (post 2 in the tutorial).

A few days ago i bought Ryse: Son of Rome, played perfectly fine with proton. Game ran great @1080P and everything maxed out.

I have Zorin installed on my laptop so I can give it a try. How about Epic Games?

I run epic games with lutris, my games are working fine. Origin works fine too in Lutris

Epic Games:

Origin Games:


It's sounds like Lutris is a dashboard for multiple game platforms like Steam and Origin and can take care of running Games on Linux.

Am I correct?

I use Lutris and Steam, so yeah your correct.

I also checked your games, they should work under linux

The Elder Scrolls IV (gold status):
The Elder Scroll V (Gold/Platinum:

Great website. I will use it to check my gamelist on steam, origin, epic games and more. Thanks.

I just checked steam on protondb and all the games I play are on Platinum/gold. So that is good news.


I have a account on protondb and Lutris and connected it to my Steam-profile. Can you also connect other platforms to Lutris or Protondb?

I did not connect steam to Lutris but just used the steam client (.deb package) from their official site. Do NOT use steam flatpak from the software store, that one is difficult to use with custom proton versions. Lutris is handy for GoG games for sample, or for Epic Games or Origin or Ubisoft Connect.

Please read the tutorial, everything is listed there :slight_smile:

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I have installed steam and Balders Gate runned like a charm. Oblivion was something different. When I started the game the "play" stayed grayed out. When I tried to start with Wine I recieved an error. Right now I have deleted everything (wine, steam, lutris ect) to start all over again to see if I didn't missed something.

Did you install a proton ? Sometimes you have to do this manually

Right click on the installed game and select config

Check compatability

Also make sure these 2 are installed

Everyone talking about Steam and Epic and so on.
Anyone never talking about games what using adobe flash player and when it finished supported then many developers in windows games created a launcher. This games not working on Linux because they are not wrote for linux operative systems. That is the diffrents. Corporation still hold a hand for some district.

I never played flash games and i really don't care about it either :sweat_smile:. If i am not wrong flash games can be played in the internet browser.

Wrong they need a launcher Adobe Flash Player isn't support on webbrowser from 2020.

I confirm you can play well in linux.

I have a few games that work well

Same. I have a standalone Flashplayer for Linux (flash_player_sa_linux.x86_64). Just open the game in it from File.
I swiped a bunch of the old Browser Flash games I used to kill some time with and saved them on my computer as .swf files.

Adobe flash player games are using on android platforms. Besides if you know people spend many money for this games. Why? You don't need a PC or laptop, thablet. Just a mobile. The example is popular game vikings war of clans. One from most expensive a games. This game working on Zorin. Some games not working because the corporation how many people will be playing this a game on this platform. I heard all time linux users are only 1% I cannot agree.