Do I need antivirus?

I am new Zorin OS user. I was using Windows os for a long time and 30 mimutes ago I installed Zorin OS Core. Should I install any antivirus like on Windows?

Welcome, David.
No need. But if you want you can install Clam.
System Tools -> Synaptic Package Manager -> Search for Clam -> Right click on Clamtk (GUI version of Clam) and Mark for Installation -> Click Apply.

If you don’t have Synaptic: Installing packages using Synaptic Package Manager GUI

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Hi David.
Please note that ClamTK is a on-demand virus scanner which can be scheduled or can be run manually as required. Clam does not not provide antivirus/antimalware real-time shields that you may be used to in Windows environment.
You can also add RKhunter for additional scanning of rootkit malware. You will not find that in “Software” but can instal from terminal or Synaptic PM.

This thread from the old Zorin website may provide some additional reading:


I did the Synaptic install and the resulting app was not responsive. You could open it but after that the GUI buttons didn’t do anything.

Not seeking help just sharing experience.

Regarding the “Scheduler” button, don’t worry about that - as zabadabadoo noted, it is not a real-time shield, so if the scheduled scan doesn’t allow addition, just run a scan using buttons under “Analysis”.

Regarding updating, set updates to automatic on “Update Assistant”. Some times this feature flakes out due to the underlying ClamAV update having issues. If you notice every day your signatures (under “Update” button) are at zero, then try this in the terminal, sudo systemctl stop clamav-freshclam
then copy and into /var/lib/clamav (remove any old files)
then again in terminal sudo systemctl start clamav-freshclam


Hello, coming to the party late. As others have said, you do not NEED to install an anti virus and those available for Linux are mostly not so terribly user friendly. That is, they work via Terminal and not a nice graphic page.

However, several years ago a back door Trojan did sneak into my system- but I have been a Linux / Zorin user for over 7 years. I recall the bad old Windows days when a weekly clean up was mandatory.

In short, the odds of infection are slim, but yes, it is possible, up to you.
Hope that helps

Clam has a GUI called ClamTK. But you are right, the GUI is basic and functionality is limited.

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I tried this but there was a message that permission to change and write not allowed into the /var/lib/clamav directory. How do I get to copy the file in?

Use sudo nautilus - that gives you root access.