Do not start the installation

Hello, I am trying to install Zorin Core but when it asks me to press enter to start the installation it does not start and the time restarts and thus it stays in a loop type, The pc is Toshiba satellite p750 from 2011 but I feel that it is because I am Installing the core version and not lite since the pc is somewhat oldProcessing: 20210928_220819.gif...

Did you double check the SHA256 Checksum on the ISO you downloaded before burning it to the USB drive? If yes, did it pass? If no, you should have checked it, cause the ISO is possibly corrupted.

Second, did you make sure to disable SECURE BOOT and FAST BOOT in the BIOS, before booting off of the USB drive? Those must be disabled in order for things to work correctly as well.

Have you checked if the PC is 32bit or 64bit?

Do you boot using USB or DVD?

If USB which software you used to write the bootable USB

That processor 2620qm is 64 bit. I had a older laptop with 2720qm

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