Do you need to reinstall when changing platforms

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I am currently using an A8-3870 FM1 with 8gb ram and an RX470. I am a web developer and I use gamemaker so in general she's fast enough but I want to replace my retro gaming PC. I am looking to get an I7 4690K. The reason why I am opting for the I7 is they are very cheap here and killer overclockers.

Do I have to reinstall Linux? I know the rule is usually when changing platforms redo the os but man it took some time to get everything working the way I wanted too.

You can try creating a ghost image of your current build, then transferring it over to the new hardware.
Ensure that you backup all personal files and data and check it twice.

If this was me - I would bite the bullet and reinstall. It is just the safer and cleaner option.
And while it initially may have taken a while to get things working - that was your first go-around.
Reinstalls often start out long when you first do it, but as you remember and gain practice, they get easier and easier.

And you can reference here, as well:

Ah makes sense Thank You. I will most prob have to install it eventually but at the moment I am only using a 120gb SSD mainly for stuff like web design gamemaker and develop

Linux is not as hard as people think. People get intimidated because of the terminal. Luckily I started on Dos. The hardest thing in Linux was getting my network shared as the file structure begins with / I have to say I need to have a bbq with sister google one of these days, she's a life saver :grin:


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