DockBarX not working

Hi all, I am on Zorin Lite 15.3. I am running into an issue that only affects me occasionally.

On some reboots the DockerBarX part of the toolbar does not work properly. Sometimes it will be just straight up missing. Sometimes it'll just be a blinking horizontal line. Sometimes my icons will show up but clicking them won't launch the apps. Why is this?! It is driving me nuts. Is there a log somewhere I can look?

Now the weirdest thing about this... this is a fresh install of Zorin 15.3...

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I am a Zorin Lite user and I admit - I always remove dockbarx. Partly because I find it superfluous. It does not do anything that the panel does not already offer.

You can try reinstalling it to see if the file corrupted and a reinstall of it fixes that:

sudo apt install --reinstall dockbarx dockbar-theme-zorin dockbar-themes-extra

Okay, I don't know what I did but now this thing is not working at all. It is just a blinking line everytime I boot. I have tried running the apt command and I have even tried a clean install (on two laptops). What is going on here? Are there any DockBarX alternatives?

Are there any log files I can look at?

This is caused by dockbarx not recognizing the panel.
Perhaps your panel is called "panel1" in settings, but dockbarx is looking for "panel0".
You can right click the panel and open Panel Preferences to see what Panel name your panel has.

This often can be fixed by setting the background color from the panel preferences manually, to get dockbarx to recognize them.

I wish that worked... but alas my panel is still called panel0. Setting the color didn't fix it either

All I can recommend is playing with the settings:


It isn't super clear to me where the settings are... are you saying the panel settings where I can essentially just set the color of the background?

Yes. Dockbarx does not appear to have a GUI Settings manager.
It's a simple add on.

I look at the picture so not the entire panel is the one that losing but the icons of your application in the panel? The launcher?

In panel settings, when I turn off the opacity of the panel, this part stays the same. Means, this have a different settings. @Aravisian , what do you think?

Also, while searching for the solution, aside from Linux Mint solutions, I stumbled here. Broken taskbar and desktop issue Zorin OS Lite - #19 by Aravisian I don't know if this could help.


I am honestly not sure. I can relay what others have experienced, but I personally do not use Dockbarx simply because on XFCE, it is superfluous.
I do not know much about its configuration.

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