Docking station Kensington SD3500 on Samsung R519 with Zorin OS 16

I think its Gnome as I have not installed XFCE yet.
I just asked about the sudo command and then used it after changing to desktop so not installed LightDM or any other packages yet.

Ok, be wary that it is known GDM can interfere with the docking station. You will want to monitor this (pun not intended.... but still funny) for a time. You may be more fortunate and have no troubles with it.

Open gnome-control-center by opening Settings in Zorin App Menu.
Then, Screen Display (I think.)
I do not use Gnome, i use XFCE, so I am playing off older memory, here.

You can also change it using xrandr commands in terminal.


Going on your instructions , its only giving me a 1280 X720 (16:9) but not giving me a refresh rate .

I will follow this up more tomorrow, thanks for help so far .

You can install Chromium, but @Aravisian is right, you have very little RAM.


As I have little ram , would lite be a better option for me?
Not that I have had much use of the Core as I only installed ZOS16 a day or so back.

Without doubt.


Cool , I'll go for that then.Is there a version with XFCE so I can download that ?

Zorin 16 Lite is not released yet, but you could try Zorin 15,3 Lite. If you pick 64 bit version, there will be a upgrade path later this year.

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