Does anyone know how i can get touchscreen to work in zorin lite?

I recently put zorin lite on my 2 in 1 touchscreen iview it only has 4GB ram so i thought the lite version would work better - it came with windows 10 installed and worked fine on it for almost a year but my son was on it and for some unknown reason windows all of a sudden wouldnt load and couldnt reinstall because didnt create a restore point or back anything up but everything is great now zorin lite looks beautiful i have everything just how i want it and i absolutely love it! i even like it better than windows 10 just because its simple and no unnecessary clutter i dont use it feels like i just cleaned out a really messy closet and got rid of a bunch of junk i dont use and everything is simple clean and crisp i really love zorin lite and dont want to lose it but i would like to get my touchscreen to work does anyone have any idea how i can make this happen or when it might be added ? (if its not possible i will use it without touchscreen thats how much i love and honestly need the simplicity of zorin lite in my life) if anyone can help me thank you so much

@tigger78 Hi and welcome to the forum. Can you tell us a bit more. Which iview 2in1 laptop is it?

I just did a quick websearch using "iview touchscreen ubuntu 18.04" but nothing much comes up. I don't know if this item may be of any help: How to Enable On Screen Keyboard in Ubuntu 18.04 | UbuntuHandbook

Maybe someone else has Z15.3 Lite and touchscreen working and can assist you better.

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it is an iView Maximus IV since its only 4gb i didnt think zorin 15 could be put on it but if it can be i guess i could put it on and delete everything i dont use and make it look like this but i wanted to try to just get this to work if theres any way thank you for that link ill try everything on there right now

There are a few other threads on here concerning unresponsive touchscreens you could have a look at. Just type touchscreen as search term into the search icon at top right of the page. Note the items I have seen so far refer to Dell, HP and Surface Pro devices. e.g.

Another place to search could be the old Zorin Forum here: Old Zorin Forum archive

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