Does anyone know what this is?

I'm on Z16 pro.

I'm trying to figure out what program or plugin is feeding this small drop down window with audio metadata. It displays for any audio played via all media players.
For the life of me I can't figure it out.

And to add to this question, I'm curious to know if is related to what is explained in this video, if anyone knows.

How does Linux send Notifications?

Yes I think that is notifications. Not sure if it is a plugin from the audio player to the notification area. That happens to me with Plasma (KDE) on Devuan.

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Well, it is a notification, yes. But it displays for every audio program I use: rhythmbox or tauon or spotify, doesn't matter.

I want to access the backend (files) of this particular notification, so am hoping someone knows what it is named.

If it's an audio player, then I think it's notifying you about what song has started playing.

Yes, that is what it's doing. I'm aware.

I'm asking where it is being called from within Zorin.

I found a different way to access the required files than this notification. Marking as solved.

Thanks for the help!

I have that info when spotify changing a music. Propably settings in spotify that exist. I f not you can share your solution.

Thank you Bourne. I get this for all audio programs, not just spotify.

Guess you missed where I marked this as solved, lol.

Can you tell us what did you do? It might help others who research the same issue in the future

I only wanted to acess the cache of the notifications so I could call audio cover art into my conky, so instead I installed Tauon Music Box which caches the cover art.

My solution won't help anyone wanting to know what creates the notifications unfortunately.

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Did you tried example spotify in rust from a terminal. There is instruction on github.

Tauon does the same thing as Rust only it's further along in development than Rust and I have everything I need now. Thanks!

Have 5 stars that software will also trying that music box.

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